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Clinical Use

The Florida Marchman Act as a Clinical Tool

As a clinical tool, the Marchman Act is invaluable. It creates a system of imposed responsibility and consequences from an outside source other than the treating clinician. The attorneys of Addiction Recovery Legal Services, along with the Court, become an independent supervising authority. The Patient/Respondent will immediately become aware of their responsibility to comply with treatment or face real consequences. They will understand that the Marchman Act will simply not disappear.

clinical_staffThe Marchman Act is a civil action that can be re-instituted time and time again. This recognition typically leads to compliance, then healing. We create the enforced consequences and expectations of compliance. The provider can continue to maintain its independent relationship with the Patient/Respondent and focus on treatment.

We will also make ourselves available to the clinician, therapist, manager – to any and all staff members – to answer questions during the treatment period. We can even be available during actual treatment sessions with the Patient/Respondent to provide clarity on their current legal posture if necessary.

The Marchman Act Attorneys of ARLS are here to support your facility, your team, your program. We’re a resource for those families who contact you for help in bringing their loved one to treatment.

Please contact our law firm to schedule complimentary Marchman Act training for your staff, or to request your Free ‘Provider Info Packet’.