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Obtaining Orders

Obtaining orders using the Florida Marchman Act while a patient is in your care

Scenario: An individual has come to you for treatment, following the wishes of his or her loved ones (voluntarily entering the program). Within a few days or a week, the client has decided to leave. You’re losing a client and the family is anxious to keep their loved one IN the program.

gavelSolution: Regardless of when the patient decides to leave, we can help. Our goal is your goal…to keep them in treatment. Our Florida Marchman Act Attorneys can become involved at this point. Once contacted and retained by a family member, we can have a petition filed, a hearing set, and notice served to the patient, typically within 24-72 hours.

The act of providing the official Notice to the Patient/Respondent results in the realization the he or she must appear before a Judge (usually within the following 10 days) and that their failure to appear can result in an order being issued to have the sheriff pick them up. Their awareness of this, coupled with your facility’s clinical approach, can (and typically does) help you to convince the Patient/Respondent to remain in treatment.

Contact us anytime, or have the family of your client call us for a Complimentary Consultation (we will waive the normal $75 fee. Please be sure the referral gives us your name.)